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Heat Press


A great alternative for smaller orders, heat transfer or vinyl transfers provide unique options for your design. Heat press is available not only in a variety of colors but materials as well as rhinestones and metallics.


Our most popular requests for heat press are always personalization, personalization, personalization. Whether you want individual names, numbers or other unique designs on your apparel, heat press is the way to go! A favorite of sports teams, dance teams, and corporate apparel!


What Is The Minimum Order for Heat Press Designs?

We do not have a minimum order requirement for heat press designs, which makes it a great option for any orders under 12 garments. However, if your design requires more than 15 minutes of art time, there will be a graphic design fee of $50 for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour.

What Types Of Materials Are Available With Heat Press?

With heat pressed designs, we have some unique material options including rhinestones and metallics.

Can I Supply My Own Shirts Or Apparel?


How Can I Request A Price Quote On Heat Press?

Call or email us with your design ideas and we'll get a quote to you right away! If you have a specific item in mind, feel free to look up our preferred distributers on the Products page.


Step 1 : Contact Us

Call, email, or stop by the shop with your design ideas

Step 2 : Design

We'll work with you to get the perfect design

Step 3 : Print

We'll print your items & schedule delivery or pickup of your order